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Teufel landscape


Teufel! I don’t want to advertise for him, I just want to present his work to the community. Since I joined in 2012, Teufel has been a big inspiration for me. He has been very enthusiastic about Inkscape, designing lots of demos and present Inkscape related things in various open source conferences. Teufel is the main contributor to the inkscape-dbus package. He created some interesting articles, made lots of screencasts and designed some icons that really help to convince users about Inkscape.

He also created a lot of comics with Inkscape, for example his popular Inkscape Art Contest: Comic Book Face (Circles to Face). At some point he released the Inkscape Schoolbook with plenty of useful tutorials and some realistic designs and icons for power-users.

Teufel is very willing to be an ambassador of Inkscape. His enthusiasm is infectious. He wants to write articles for us, but with no editorial control.

The Road to Widelands

Teufel was trying to sell me some game software that he had helped to create. Since I was a World of Tanks fan and Teufel told me that it is a Warcraft 3 like free game, I just had to have it.

This other software was called Widelands, a game created by Markus "Notch" Persson, a multi-millionaire founder of Minecraft. Widelands was basically a Warcraft 3 clone. It also featured some interesting ideas such as character skills and a rich crafting system. It was a good game, with lots of content and very fun to play.

So I gave in and bought the software. I wanted to get a 20$ discount on it, which Markus had offered. He told me that I would get this discount if I published an article on Inkscape. So I published an article in our Inkscape Journal and received the discount. This was very helpful as I had just bought the software, I wasn’t sure it would work well on Linux.

Having problems with Widelands

It took me a lot of work to install Widelands. The readme file was totally non-existent and no support forum was available. After a lot of struggling, I started to play the game. I created a default male character and it was really really different compared to the Warcraft 3 game. After some hours of playing, I had found out that the game had been changed a lot since the original. The first thing I noticed was that the interface was almost unusable. At first glance I was using the UI at a very low level. I was supposed to learn about it gradually but was overwhelmed by this new design.

Teufel visited me on the days after I received the game and he was kind enough to spend some time and help me. I was stuck for days in the first menu and he asked me which buttons I needed to learn about in order to progress. It was the UI that made me fall in love with Inkscape. Using the UI is one of the best ways to learn how to use Inkscape.

Fortunately Teufel made his documentation very clear and he helped me to solve my problems. Teufel also provided me with some tutorials in a language I understood, English. Thanks to Teufel, I finished the tutorial in the first try. It took me days of searching to find the right way of using the UI.

But I still had some problems. First I couldn’t handle the camera. The camera was really weird because it didn’t follow my mouse movements. I moved the camera using the mouse (honestly it was really difficult) and I could see some weird animations. Also my keys were behaving strangely. This was just a big annoyance for me. I could find some tutorials, but they were all written for Warcraft 3 which was not my game.

After a few days, I was still stuck and I could not find any clear tutorial online. I was more and more frustrated. Teufel and I had discussed some issues on the forums of Warcraft 3, since he played that game since day one. I was sure that some Inkscape users should be able to help me.

A solution to this problem: Add the keys, Zoom and Center by hand!

This morning when I was watching some video tutorials on YouTube, I watched "DOTrace's", which explained how to add keys in Widelands. For some reason the way he did it was so natural and clear to me that I immediately understood how to add the key shortcuts. If I hadn’t seen those tutorials, I would not have found it.

Inkscape was a game for me, not a UI for Warcraft 3. I wanted to add some keys and it seemed to be impossible to make them work, so I tried to find some solution.

After some days of searching and a

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