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Plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 plants list and resources

Garden Warfare 2 Plants List with the Resource Guide

Garden Warfare 2 is here! As you may have heard it’s been getting a lot of good feedback, and you can now download it.

Garden Warfare 2 is the sequel to the fan favorite game Garden Warfare, the game of all genres and types. It’s no secret that the previous game was an instant hit with players because of the game play and the amount of fun you’ll have while playing the game. With a little help from the resources we have for you, you’ll be a better and better gardener as you play through the game.

In Garden Warfare 2, you’ll have to prepare your garden to be ready for the coming Zombie Invasion and that means you’ll need to fight back against the incoming horde of zombies, as well as protect your garden with the help of your zombie-slaying bot, the GreenBot! Your mission, as a GreenBot in the Garden Warfare 2 game, is to help protect your fellow Zombling plants and take down your enemies so they cannot make it to your friends and families.

That’s not all! Garden Warfare 2 comes with multiple game play modes, like Survival, Free For All, Team vs Team and more! If you’re interested in how to get the GreenBot and play Garden Warfare 2, take a look at our guide!

It’s a huge game with over 25 different items and over 4,000 weapons. That’s 4,000 items to plant, grow, and collect. You’ll find more than just plants for your garden in Garden Warfare 2, you’ll find weapons to help you fight off those attacking Zombies.

Garden Warfare 2 uses the Unity 5.3 engine, so we wanted to make sure you have the best experience while playing it! If you re getting the game for the first time, here s a quick checklist of what you ll need in order to make sure you can enjoy all the features Garden Warfare 2 has to offer:

Unreal Engine 5.3

5.3 or higher

Windows 7 or later

Windows 8.1 or later

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 3

Windows 10

MacOS 10.11

iOS 8.1 or later

If you re unsure if you ll be able to play Garden Warfare 2 with these requirements, please contact our Technical Support team here and we ll check your requirements to see if they re met.

As always, thank you for being a part of the Zombie survival community and helping to promote these great games!

-The Gearbox Team

Garden Warfare 2 Info

Genre: Action Shooter

Publisher: Gearbox Software, Inc.

Developer: Gearbox Software, Inc.

Original release date: October 20, 2014

Rating: NR (Not Rated)

MSRP: $29.99



Windows PC:

Xbox One:

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